In 2019, there were 72,000 taxpayers with increases of exactly 14.9% (shown in the red), about 28 percent. As your County Executive, I will make sure all properties receive a fair tax rate and are not discriminated against.

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We need a County government that is transparent and willing to tell citizens as much information as possible about how it works. Right now, the Jackson County government obeys the state laws when it feels like it. Departments regularly ignore Sunshine Act requests. The County Budget and financial documents are hard to read and understand, with not nearly enough narrative to explain what is occurring. If I am elected County Executive, a new era of transparency will begin.

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Thanks to a high 2019 assessment and some of the strictest COVID restrictions in the state, our local businesses are hurting. I will work with the new County Legislature to find the most innovative and practical ways to get our businesses moving again.

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“I was born in Sibley, Missouri in 1942.  My mother gave birth to me in this house and I have enjoyed living here all these years.  We have paid taxes on this house may times over.

At 80 years of age I still operate my own tax-exempt business out of my home.  When you are self-employed as I have been all these years, you don’t plan on retiring.

So you can imagine when the county wanted to take my tax exemption away and raise my taxes $10,000, I could’t help but get involved.

Today, I was out in this heat handing out flyers for Preston Smith for County Executive because he understands.  When I needed help, he helped me know what to do and eventually I did get a refund on the extra $10,000 the County wanted on top of my regular property tax amount.

It was hot today for this 80 year old gal to be out walking door-to-door, but people need to know this is real.  The county is randomly raising our taxes exorbitant amounts.

I am talking about amounts that would break me and keep me from staying in the home my parents bought over 80 years ago.

This county needs fixed.  I have personally experienced that Preston Smith cares about the people living here in Jackson County.  He is dedicated to fixing this property tax assessment issue.  I know because he helped me.  

Thank you Preston Smith!”  Evelyn Gates

“I first met Preston Smith on his social media Telegram channel in 2021 when the mask insanity was raging. I was in shock that in a free country the government could swoop in and tell me what to put on my face. Preston and the people on his channel often encouraged me and I found I was not alone in my upset.

One day I went into Price Chopper and was severely harassed about not having on a mask. I did a telegram post too vent. Preston saw my post and took action. He investigated the AG’s legal statement against the mandates and the county health order, made a trip to this Price Chopper, spoke with the manager and educated him on how to stand up to the County tyrants and fight the illegal mandates. Apparently, the manager took it seriously because the next time I went in there, they left me alone.

I then found out that Preston did not stop at this one store. He went to several others also and spoke with managers at each one. He used his voice on social media to help others fight for our freedom. I remember thinking, this is what real leadership looks like.”

When the horrific injustice with Rae’s Cafe happened, I was not surprised at all that Preston was in the middle of that fight too. He was a champion for freedom during those dark days.

When I found out he was running for office I was pretty excited. I knew I had to support this man who I had watched fight so hard against the insanity controlling our lives.

The truth is Preston Smith did more as a private citizen to help people in this county than Theresa Cass Galvin ever thought of doing with a vote from inside the County Legislature. While Preston Smith was busy making a difference, Galvin was busy “getting along” with Frank White and voting against conservative values.

As all the Jackson County swamp creatures crawl out of their holes and try to convince you that, in spite of their pathetic voting record and lack of meaningful accomplishments, they deserve more time and more power, don’t believe them. We do not need more of the same. We do not need politicians who will compromise conservative values for the sake of “getting along.”  We need someone with a spine that will fight for taxpayers and protect our freedoms from the radical left and the current establishment swamp. We need Preston Smith for County Executive.” Michelle Benson

“I met Preston Smith through a good friend.  It was in the middle of the mask mandates and things were changing rapidly and businesses were not moving along with the changes.  My friend had trouble at a grocery store and when she told him, he went up there to update them an inform them of her rights to enter their store without a mask.

I was overly grateful to see someone care more about the people than the rules during mask mandates.  I have breathing issues and adding a mask in the mix doesn’t work for my health.  I really appreciated Preston’s leadership in the community and stepping up and advocating for the people.

I didn’t see one article the entire two years on the people who suffer from breathing issues and how the mask mandates affected them or exemptions for them. One man did what was right during the mast mandates and in helping my friend, he helped many.

Preston has a heart to serve the people of this county and his actions throughout the mandates proved it.”  Wendy

“Jackson County has a chance to have a TRUE WATCHDOG become our County Executive. I support Preston Smith with all my heart. I am making calls for him, placing signs for him, and handing out flyers. All because he has a True Blue History of standing up for all of us in Jackson County. I have never seen anyone work harder to make a difference in not just winning an election but in educating the public in what is truly happening in Jackson County. I truly believe he has all of our best interest at heart in stopping government mandates and reducing our taxes by stopping government waste. If you check out his website at you will understand why we need Preston Smith to win this election.” Elisa Breitenbach

“I met Preston at a “We the People” meeting. He caught my eye because he had on a Rush Limbaugh T-shirt. I am a 20-year listener of Rush and loved him so much, and so I knew if Preston is wearing this shirt, he’s got to be a true conservative. We struck up a conversation after I told him I loved his shirt, and he convinced me to run for Blue Springs School Board.

He did everything he could to help me be successful and win. However, I changed my mind after the race became too crowded, because I didn’t want to split the vote.

He also stood up for Amanda, the owner of Rae’s Cafe, as the Jackson County Health Department tried to shut her down over the mask mandate. Preston Smith cared so much what they were doing to this brave woman, and he teared up in a couple of speeches that he gave on her behalf.

I will never waiver in my support for Preston, because he’s a true conservative, a fighter for conservative values and someone who deeply cares for We the People.”  Julie Ensor

“In running for Mayor of Independence, I NEVER had any of the same PACS or donors as the Democrat incumbent contribute to my campaign. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t have even taken their donations if they would have tried! This is concerning to me.

Preston Smith helped me with my campaign by providing voting data trends free, just because he was so passionate about getting leaders who are passionate about helping We the People.

I know that Preston truly loves our country and that he is an America first patriot. We need to get past the superficial and dig deep and research candidates to get the right ones to represent our city, county, state, and country!

We have got to elect fighters who will not cower when up against the woke agenda or the Establishment! I am supporting Preston Smith because I believe he is well qualified to tackle the many issues we face in Jackson County like high property taxes and unreasonable assessments, crime, illegals coming into our county using resources that our citizens need! Also, tackling the drug and homelessness problems, and making sure the ONLY FLAGS flying on county property are the American Flags!

We have been plagued long enough with leaders who have wishbone and no backbone. We need change.”  Colleen Huff

I am standing on the lot for the 260 million dollar site for the Jackson County Detention Center, where 100 families used to live. The plan is to spend $19 million to bring in 8 foot of topsoil to get it out of the flood plain. Theresa Galvin was the County Legislator to help find this site and to tell others legislatures what was happening. I believe there should have been public hearings, a vote of the voters in the County, approval on the price tag and how to fund it. I spoke with residents at this trailer park who told me they were promised one thing and in the end was offered far less. Vote Aug 2 to help me win the primary and Beat Frank White in November.

The 2019 tax assessment was the worst Jackson County assessment in history! I led the charge to save peoples’ homes and fight to fix that assessment. As a result, the state law was changed to require a physical inspection of your property before the assessor could increase the assessment more than 15%. The County legislators and assessor sent a plan to the state tax commission where they estimate 60,000 tax assessment appeals in 2023.

Help me win the primary on Aug 2 to run against and in November.

I am running for County Executive because I want to make county government clear and more transparent and accountable. I believe the best government we have is when the people understand exactly what is going on. For too long, Jackson County leaders make it seem we work for them and not the other way around. Let’s change our county for good! after we win the primary on August 2.

In 1948 Harry Truman was given little to no chance to win election as president. He was considered unrefined and blunt. The economy was bad. Support in his own party was non-existent. He didn’t listen to the establishment experts! Let’s change our county for good. We can do better. We can win!

Jackson County residents are craving for change. I am ready to serve them and meet this challenge. Give me a chance by voting for me in the primary on August 2.

See how the Jackson County GOP Committee respond when I call them out for their unfair practices this primary election time.

The Voting Records for Jackson County Legislator Theresa Galvin

Ms. Galvin has served on our County Legislature since 2014 along with one Republican and 7 Democrats. The records show that she has voted with the Democrats 99.98% of the time. That’s right. Out of 1,154 roll call votes, as 5/23/22, she voted 99.98% of the time with the Democrat majority.

Let that sink in. There have been only 16 votes so far where she has voted against the majority, 9 of which have occurred during the last year. She has gotten more conservative the closer we get to Election Day.

The records also show that in 2015 when Ms. Galvin and Frank White were both serving on the Legislature, there were 173 roll call votes and they voted the same 100% of the time. Every time.

I was surprised reading the Legislature minutes for July and August 2019. This is when more than 21,000 property tax appeals were filed and people were extremely upset. But Ms. Galvin, as Chair of the Legislature, was much more concerned about whether the elevators worked on the County Courthouse. She held three separate follow-ups on that issue. She did not get concerned about the property tax issue until a huge number of emails were released by the County to the news media.

Finally, she did vote to end the masks during the last year, however if you read the minutes and watch the videos, you will never see a “Rand Paul vs Fauci” moment with her and the Health Department directors. Not once did she question them about the effectiveness of the masks, about natural immunity or about scores of other issues. She did bring up several times the need for additional types of data, which the Health Department refused to provide.

It is also telling that when you look at a candidates’ public donation records. I found that of the 119 separate parties contributing to her donations, 35 of the donors were the same one’s listed on Frank White’s account. That means nearly 1/3 of her total donors are the same Big Unions and PAC’s that give to Frank. Follow the money. I have highlighted the donors on the PDFs in the link below so you can see who has given to both of them.

Here is the link to download Frank White’s and Theresa Galvin’s Missouri Ethics Commission campaign disclosures, as well as a spreadsheet that shows all her votes on the County Legislature through 5/23/22:

And here is how to download the Frank White contributions (they were beyond the site’s file size limit to post a link.)

If you think that I have somehow altered this data is some way, here is how you can go find the original documents like I did:

Missouri Ethics Commission, then choose “Searches” Candidate or Committee Name, put the last name in “Candidate’s Name” and search. Choose Reports and the year you’d like.

See the votes on the County Legislature here.

Choose a year, and then the Minutes for that date.

Theresa Cass Galvin vs Preston Smith

In one of the rare events where they both spoke to a group, here is a side by side comparison in an 11-minute video.

The Hidden Jackson County Missouri Property Tax Assessment Increase Exposed

Everyone in Jackson County needs to see these recently obtained documents revealing the property assessment tax increases set to hit Jackson County like we’ve never seen before. Preston Smith can do something about this as our next County Executive by voting him in the Primary Election on August 2. He can get our property taxes more fair and without discrimination. Watch this and please share with everyone living in Jackson County. It is super important! This will affect everyone!

Here is the link to download all the files shown in this video:

on behalf of Jackson County Residents who are being overtaxed by the Jackson County Assessment Department

On Saturday, April 23, I was given 5 minutes by the Jackson County Republican Party to speak at the annual Lincoln Days banquet. I shared the stage with candidates for Congress and the US Senate. This outlines what I would do as County Executive.

some by over 1700% in the past 3 years


It’s time politicians started working for the people – not themselves

For nearly five years, he worked as a reporter on Capitol Hill and gained valuable insight in how the federal government works. With his degree in Public Administration with an emphasis on Quantitative Analysis from University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) and a background in politics, Preston knows it is time to ensure the government works for you – not the other way around.

Dedicating his time to serve Jackson County, Preston has held positions as an Auditor of the City of Kansas City, served five years on the Blue Springs Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment, 14 years on the Jackson County Board of Equalization and 25 years as a Jackson County Election Judge.

In addition, Preston served 17 years as a consultant to public school districts nationwide, helping them manage their enrollment and long-term plans. His firm, Business Information Services, LLC, has completed more than 200 projects.

For over 32 years, he has lived in Jackson county with his wife, Janice, who Preston has been married to for 40 years. Choosing to homeschool their five children, they are proud of the accomplishments of their family with all five attending college, and graduating debt-free. In addition, they have 12 grandchildren scattered around the world.

Preston’s Philosophy on Government

I believe there are things that the government should do—such as protect people through funding the police and other first responders. Government has a role to protect the population as a whole, such as providing safe roads, lighting in public places and funding essential public projects. I do believe COVID was real and did adversely affect people. But the County Health department’s response was excessive in many cases and heavy-handed. I will bring back a more normal government response to issues in Jackson County.

Preston’s Faith

In 1976, I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to be my Savior and to direct my life. Ever since I have tried to serve Him daily, pray for my family and others, and to trust in Him to provide and meet my family’s needs.

Issues We Face In Jackson County

It’s time to STOP Unfair and Overzealous Taxation

In 2019, a dedicated group of freedom fighters and I, fought against the 2019 County Tax Assessment. We did research showing discrimination against at least 70,000 taxpayers in the inner city hiking taxes more than 15% in some areas…Continued

It’s time to STOP Hiding Documents and Emails

We should have a County government we can be proud of and that respects us.  County administrators regularly prevent releasing documents that are covered under the state Sunshine Act and our right to know….Continued

It’s time to OPEN Jackson County businesses again

Jackson County businesses have suffered great financial hardship and 29,000 people have lost their jobs in the last few years thanks to County policies which have lead to quarantines, health risks and high taxes….Continued